Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Out Next Week! I N G R I D - T R Y A N G L E

INGRID - TRYANGLE cassette tape

1. What Makes You
2. Heron
3. Lungs of the Motherboard
4. As Long as it Didn't Hurt
5. No Matter How Hard You Try
6. Universe
7. We Are the Destroyer
8. Triangle

Two piece Mind-bending, soul-shifting, teeth-clenching punk from D.C.
Former/current members of Mass Movement of the Moth, Des Ark and
Danke. Ashley A's high pressure d-beat melds with palpating cardiographic guitar riffs
akin to USAISAMONSTER, but with Joey D's signature flavor. Do
not trifle with the songs on this cassette, or otherwise listen
unprepared; a fate of becoming and remaining a prisoner of your own
mind will become yours.


$3 in person, $4 ppd if cash, $4.50 via paypal.

Send money order or well concealed cash to:

Cosmic Debris
C/O Will J'rot
1101 W Pratt Blvd
Chicago, IL 60626



Sunday, October 5th @ the Girl Cave - 1419 Gallatin St NW, DC
w/ Chin Up, Meriwether! (WA), A Collective of Dirt (WA), The Hail Seizures (WA)
6 PM


These tracks can be acquired at:

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