Wednesday, November 12, 2008

November is halfway over. Ingrid tapes are moving fast, and other projects are coming together slowly but surely. I guess it's safe to make an announcement about at least one of them at this point.

Two awesome bands from Virginia, Pizza ( ) and Tideland ( have recorded for a split 7" to be released hopefully in December, but at the very latest in January. Pizza have a really great slop-pop-youth-bedroom-romance vibe, and Tideland are a real solid melding of dirty Sterling noise run through a reverb tank combined with a lot of time spent listening to sonic youth and all yr other favorite bands from 1991. Two songs from Pizza, one from Tideland. This is really exciting.

Got another release hopefully planned for November, but we'll see how that comes together before jinxing it by making any sort of "announcement."

Updated distro list:

+"american cheeseburger - crust never sleeps - cheeseburger live" cassette tape (fast as shit punk as fuck)
+tigershark - cassette (dirty richmond punk, heavy as hell)
+sweatlodge - demo cassette (from richmond; six totally raging heavy, fast, stoney, noisy tunes about the woods, desert fauna, vision quests, and the end of the world)

+Baby Killer Estelle - Lady Macbeth's Hands $2 w/ other order (awesome two-piece eyebrow raising piano/drum combo, guaranteed to be unlike anything you've ever heard before)
+Paul Joyner Band - Demo Cassette $ame as ingrid cassette (DC, like a bad dream, paul joyner's music is haunting and unreal)
+Paul Joyner/Anda Wondu - Sum Of Heroes Res EP" 3" CD $3
+Timber 7" -$4 (power punk from gaithersburg, from the great something crucial label, this release is indeed something crucial)

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