Tuesday, September 8, 2009


New WEBSTOREto make it easier to order tunes.
hopefully that helps

here's a translated review of the "Ingrid - Tryangle" cassette from the blog:

I have no idea if this is translated correctly. you judge...

Duo guitar / drums from Washington who is a modern hardcore that will draw in lots of influences that ranges from classical to punk plans passages heavier sludge limits (but never long and boring) through plans more jerky that make me think of emotions as more groups Sinaloa ... I'm also a big fan of his from scratch that is rotten as I love and which gives a consistent tone to the whole.
There is apparently a (e?) member of Des Ark (band highly recommendable) inside.
The original artwork is super super boring but to manipulate if t'essaies out the tape while driving you can die at any moment: in cardboard sleeve with a triangle cut and full color insert with equally class.

Here's a review of the Pizza/Tideland 7" from http://foldskool.blogspot.com/

"Two weeks ago I picked up the Pizza/Tideland split 7". I think Mike Taylor (who plays in Pizza) put this out. It's pretty weird and not what I expected at all. Pizza reminds me of Sebedoh from back in the day. That Mike Taylor is in this band doesn't surprise me. Tideland is pretty noisy and somewhat a-Tonal and dirty sounding. Both bands are definitely paying homage to the grunge/Seattle/90's indie rock years. Sorta scary music, Tideland gives me the chills. Pizza just trips me out. It doesn't sound like Sebedoh I should clarify, it just reminds me of their weird records."

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