Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Two "reviews" from Reckless Recordsabout some Cosmic Debris releases, both of which are available at all their locations in Chicago!

The Ambulars:
"Three songs from this pop/post-punk four-piece. Similar in spirit to a band like the ALKALINE TRIO or JAWBOX. RECOMMENDED!! "

Like Rats:
"Stellar, debut 7-inch from Chicago's LIKE RATS. The riffs shout CELTIC FROST, but the overall feel is more a mid-tempo hardcore attack a la the HOPE CONSPIRACY. Totally amazing & RECOMMENDED!!"

Additionally, Like Rats was featured on Metal Sucks!

"Dirty, crusty, meaty riffs, fast and furious, with a pinch of doom and a healthy dose of rock. Self-described “primitive Celtic Forst worship” by guitarist and link-sender Todd Nief. Think Black Breath, Trap Them, Doomriders minus the Thin Lizzy influence, and of course the aforementioned Celtic Frost."

The Like Rats record will be available via European Distribution via Suburban Mayhem Records and hopefully some others.

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