Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Balaclava - Crimes of Faith

BALACLAVA’s debut full length 12″ LP entitled “Crimes of Faith” will *hopefully* be out August 30th.

Hailing from the filthy bowels of Richmond, Virginia, BALACLAVA spit out their warped take on raging hardcore punk with deadly intensity. The band was born in 2006, and took its name from the ski mask preferred by guerrilla militias, not pastries!
Drawing from the blueprints laid down by the cults of Neurosis, His Hero Is Gone and Cursed, this virulent quartet scorn the simplicity of genre labels, choosing instead to transmute their punk and metal roots into something altogether nastier. BALACLAVA's sound ranges from sludgy, crust-ridden dirges to restrained, ominous melodies to moments of blistering triumph. Their debut full-length, Crimes of Faith, is a thoughtful, multifaceted expression of seething animosity and fervent exultation.

Super stoked to be working with our buddies in Richmond, Forcefield Records. This is our biggest and most exciting project yet, so maybe we'll even get a real website together. It's always best when you work with good friends, and we got a bunch on this release.

To quote Tim from Forcefield:
"Wax worshippers, take note - the album is packaged in an un-coated reverse-board jacket with spot embossing with a printed un-coated inner sleeve."

A clip from the track "This City" is posted on their web presence. Get into it.

Additionally, we will be putting out a cassette with Harrisonburg, VA based fuzz punks Kill Your Brain. Same fucked attitude as some of our favorites like Annihilation Time and Vincent Black Shadow. If you're into partying and riffing, you'll probably dig this release. Recorded at Inner Ear. Look for it in late August/Early September.

Scope some of their tracks at their bandcamp.

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