Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Ambulars, Washington, D.C.'s answer to Kraftwerk (kidding), is embarking on a three week tour this summer and will have a 7" out just in time on Cosmic Debris Records. The record features three songs and a silk screened cover. Artwork, more details, etc. will be revealed as they are made available.

Here is a review of their first EP, which you can download here:

What better time to start a pop punk then summer. Last summer, long time friends Mikey, Jen, and Andy decided to do just that. After adding Joey for drum support, the Ambulars started playing a lot of shows in Washington, D.C... Mostly at the Girl Cave. They started to get a pretty good following (for D.C.). Maybe it was just because they have a lot of friends, but it might be because they were fucking good and energetic. The end of summer meant that Jen had to leave the area for grad school (not punk).

This is the real friggin' deal. No more acoustic teasers. The sound falls somewhere between punkier pop-punk like the Ergs or Lattermen and the sugary stuff like Fall Out Boy or New Found Glory. As before, I have a really hard time comparing them to any other band. The only band that comes to mind is Alkaline Trio, but that is probably because I know how much Mikey loves them (enough to skip one of his old bands shows to see them. Jokes.) My favorite songs on this release are "The Rain," "Bookmarked," and "Lighthouse." Surprise, surprise! All of these songs were written by Mikey. He also wrote "Daily Inheritance" on their acoustic ep, Summer Fling. Everything he has been touching recently is gold.

This band is a fresh breath of air. Punkier pop-punk is going strong (Bridge and Tunnel are fucking awesome), but the poppier pop-punk realm of recent times has been dominated by shitty, washediup metalcore kids trying to cash in on "heavy" pop with screaming and breakdowns. Seriously, This Time Next Year, Four Years Strong, A Day To Remember, and Set Your Goals all fucking suck.

You can also stream tracks on their web spot.

5/20 - Baltimore, MD @ CCAS w/ Monument, Let's, The Fordists
5/21 - Washington, DC @ St. Stephen's Church w/ The Max Levine Ensemble, Bodycop, The Gift
5/23 - Brooklyn, NYC @ Stolen sleeves Collecvtive
5/24 - Pittsburgh, PA @ TBA w/ Frantic Heart of It
5/25 - Athens, OH @ Brown Town w/ the Professionals
5/26 - Lexington, KY @ Crucial Fun House w/ Egg Chef
5/27 - Louisville, KY @ Skull Alley w/ Laura Stevenson & the Cans, The Wild
5/28 - Chicago, IL @ TBA w/ Everything is Ruined, The Cathy Santonies
5/29 - St Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts
5/30 - Oklahoma City, OK @ The Antique Mall w/ Sleeper
5/31 - Fort Worth, TX @ TBA
6/1 - Austin, TX @ Trailer Space Records w/ Literature
6/2 - Houston, TX @ TBA
6/3 - New Orleans, LA @ TBA w/ the Lovey Dovies
6/4 - Pensacola, FL @ TBA
6/5 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Farside
6/6 - Birmingham, AL @ The Firehosue w/ PS Eliot
6/7 - Athens, GA @ the Go Bar w/ Grape Soda, Witches
6/8 - Greensboro, NC @ TBA
6/9 - Richmond, VA @ TBA

You'll be able to order the 7" online from us here.

Still available for order:
Pizza/Tideland 7" - $5 PPD
Ingrid - Tryangle cassette - $4ppd

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