Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Image by Dan Schuessler

We're very happy to say that we'll be working with Like Rats from Chicago on their debut 7". Five songs of ripping, primitive hardcore that's been described as "unhinged and pissed-off fast (think Hellhammer and Discharge in a cage match), but occasionally they'll throw in some Celtic Frost mid-paced riffing or even doomier passages. A procreation of the wicked, indeed." Not a bad description, but I'd say imagine it being a good bit heavier with more scathing vocals. PRIMITIVE.

The record will be out in July.

Crustcake has an interview posted along with a download link for their demo
Crust Cake Interview

Like Rats

The Ambulars 7" is available for order here!

Get out those shorts and head to yr swimming holes. Summer is here.


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