Saturday, November 20, 2010

Like Rats review from Aversion

"This self-titled effort is the second EP from Chicago, IL's Like Rats (released by Cosmic Debris), and it tears through five tracks of viciously aggressive hardcore in about 13 minutes. It's an interesting run, too, as their approach is certainly more diverse than most bands of this general nature. Apparently they're heavily influenced by Celtic Frost, and you can definitely hear some of that in the pounding surges of midpaced riffs that pop up throughout the compositions. And then there are the vocals, which are so acerbic and in your face that they really possess somewhat of a black metal-esque snarl. So, if you can imagine a frantic, blasting form of hardcore that has a powerviolence sort of undercurrent thanks to the Celtic Frost worship, and also flirts with touches of black metal and Swedish-tinged D-beat… the result would be pretty damn close to Like Rats. The recording's very effective as well, with a balanced mix that keeps things sounding nice and crisp without sacrificing a certain degree of harsh bite. What's not to like?"

The 7" is still available at the web store, but they are going fast. I'd wager to say that about half of them have sold already, which is fantastic. Get em' while they're still around.

Cigarettes tapes should be available for order shortly.

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