Thursday, May 19, 2011

+ Balaclava LP
+ The Guilt - Worth Nothing CS
+ Cigarette - Blush CS
+ Like Rats repress

+ Very stoked to be working with Richmond punk beefcakes Balaclava on their first LP. It will be a split release with our good friends at Forcefield Records . Supposedly another label will be handling the CD version of the release, but details are still coming in on that one. We're looking at 500 copies that should be out in July. The tracks are being mastered at Mastermind right now, so it's only a matter of time before these rippers arrive.

The tracks are a killer melding of blasting D-beat, some heavier instrumental parts (think a more direct Isis), all ragers. A bit of a departure from some of their more straight forward earlier releases in every good possible way. Aweeeeome tones, meandering riffs, great quality recording. Get stoked.

+ One of DC's better kept hardcore secrets, THE GUILT, have released a full length cassette entitled "Worth Nothing. 7 tracks of brooding 80s style hardcore that you'd expect Grave Mistake to be putting out, featuring a bunch of folks you've likely seen playing in other bands. Co-released between the band and Cosmic Debris, 100 tapes are out and about. For fans of the Doubeks.

The tracks are available for download for free:

+ Cigarette's "Blush" cassette has been out for a bit and have been selling quickly. Pop some ludes and sink into the whirling mellow jams of Virginia’s finest export. Almost an hour of their heady jams, conjured from the depths of their smoky Arlington basement. Features Johnny from Pygmy Lush and our very own Richie. Grab one of these tapes if you're into the haze of day drinking or Pygmy Lush.

+ The Like Rats 7" has dwindled to a small number of copies, so it's looking like we'll be doing a repress of 200. Odds are it will be a different color, so nerd it up and buy one of the black copies before they're gone. For fans of Discharge, Celtic Frost and lifting weights. The record is available for download at:

Tracks from almost all releases can be jammed from:

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